• Aug 14, 2015
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10 of our Favorite Backyard Ideas

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Beautiful design doesn't need to be limited to the inside of your home.  We think that beautiful design includes the exterior of your home - from the mailbox to the backyard.  And outside of your home, there are endless design possibilities - especially in the backyard.  Whether your backyard is private or visible, sunny or shady, big or small, we have design inspiration that you can incorporate into your backyard. Check out the backyard ideas below for inspiration from small to big backyards.

Backyard Ideas...

For Small Backyards

backyard ideas

Left: Wright.on.ca, Top: InteriorDesignInspiration.net, Bottom: Decoist.com

Design your own patio and fire place area to maximize your space.  This can be done easily and with minimal space.

For Big Backyards

backyard ideas

For big backyards, use levels to distinguish your different spaces.  In this backyard, Paul Semkuley separated the lounging area from the pool area.

For Kids

backyard ideas

Left: LittleGreenFingers.TypePad.com, Right: LivingSolaGratia.BlogSpot.com

Keep your kids safe and busy in the backyard with things like sunken trampolines and spray paint Twister.

For Pool Lovers

backyard ideas

Top: BackyardOasis.com, Left: StylesDecor.com, Right: HomedIt.com

Design your poolside areas with stone patios and outdoor dinner tables.  If you have an above-ground pool, build a deck around it that you can landscape.

For Fire Lovers

backyard ideas

Top: BestPlants.com, Bottom: Firerock.us, Right: HousePlansBlog.DonGardner.com

Whether you want a fire pit or a fireplace, plenty of seating is a must.  A glass fire pit is a unique touch as well.  Don't forget the s'mores!

For Cooks

backyard designs

From: DIYNetwork.com

For food lovers, and outdoor kitchen is probably just as important as an indoor kitchen.  A design like this one holds everything you need.

For Romantics

backyard designs

Left: NYTimes.com, Right: TheSouthernStateofMind.BlogSpot.com

A romantic backyard look can be achieved very easily.  Simply string some lights around the area and light a few candles.

For Entertainers

backyard designs

Left: DIYforlife.com, Right: TheGardeningCook.com

If you love entertaining, you'll need plenty of seating and a countertop area to hold food.

For Clean Home Owners


Keep your floors clean with a pink ribbon welcome mat outside your back door.

For Gardeners

backyard designs

Left: HomedIt.com, Right: WeedEmAndReap.com

Dress up your fences with flower arrangements and unique leveled flower boxes.

For more backyard inspiration and backyard ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

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