• Apr 03, 2015
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A Frozen Inspired Bedroom from Catherine-Lucie Horber

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We fell in love with this beautiful Frozen inspired child's room that is featured on the cover of the spring issue of our Beautiful Design Made Simple digital magazine. We just had to know more about this design so we asked designer Catherine-Lucie Horber to share her inspiration and more details about this fairy-tale space.

Frozen Inspired Bedroom by Catherine-Lucie Horber

BDMS: What were your clients’ needs for this space?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: The main practical needs were to secure additional sleeping accommodations with  at least 2 full beds for guests and friends during sleep overs. Storage for a growing girl's  needs was also important along with  a little play area and inviting  reading area.

But the most important requirement from the little client from a design stand point, was to have  a feel of FROZEN Disney movie theme;  a " princess Elsa" room!

BDMS: Were there any changes to designing this space?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: Sometimes larger spaces are harder to fill, designing a room with a theme without being an official theme that can last another decade was quite challenging but  successfully accomplished.

BDMS: Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a kids' room?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: Its kind of an automatic reaction to think of the parents as the sole clients but as a designer, I  always try to also involve the children. Try to make sure they also feel like the little clients and make them be a part of the process. I find when we do that, it really creates more excitement for them and they actually end up enjoying their space  even more and respect it more as they  have a better appreciation for it and therefore take care of it better.

In general when i design family spaces, I always try to think LONG TERM needs not just today's but also  practicality and function of the spaces and their environments. Family rooms are designed with a much high tolerance threshold for wear in fabric durability, colors etc.. then a formal living room for example.

Frozen Bedroom by Catherine-Lucie Horber

BDMS: How does the flooring play into your design?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: Flooring was important to be  strong and durable so we put a nice bur bur carpet which is still soft on the feet, warmer and hypoallergenic. We also added  an extra white shag area rug at the end of the beds to help define the space even  further not to mention that it  was reflective of snow on the ground.. and gives the room huge texture.

BDMS: What makes this room functional?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: It is functional because of all it has to offer;  double beds, only one night stand that is shared which leaves room for a corner chair for reading, two little under window benches for more storage and a nice play table in the middle of the room is the child's favourite go to place. It is also surrounded  by a large dresser for clothing and a little library unit for books.  Even the choice of colour in all  the furniture being a light neutral cream will last a decade as it is completely versatile.

BDMS: Why did you choose these colors?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: The colors on the wall were to represent the Elsa dress and the lilac wall paper in shape of snow flakes was a beautiful complimentary color to it. the rest was all soft and neutral but rich in textures.  Those colors were also my little client's favorite ones so it was important to work the space around it.

BDMS: What is your favorite aspect of this room?

Catherine-Lucie Horber: I have to say that I have a weakness for beautiful wallpaper accents and I just  love  this wallpaper,  also  the custom headboards with crystal details and the window of custom silk drapes are definitely my top 3 favorite things.

BDMS: What did your client like the most?

Catherine-Lucie Horber:  In this case the client was really the child and I think knowing that overall her room felt like a little princess /queen Elsa's palace was the best part of it all as she really believed it!


HeadshotAbout Catherine

Designer Catherine-Lucie Horber is the Principal of Royal Interior Design Ltd .The firm provides decorating, staging and renovating services for both small and full scale residential projects throughout the GTA. Catherine is known for creating elegant & affordable design solutions tailored to suit different lifestyles. Find more at royalinteriordesign.ca.


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